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Your partner for innovative cosmetics, medicine and fitness concepts
Did you already know? Before the new trend comes, Weyergans is already here. Because Weyergans High Care AG is the leading international provider of concept-based treatment methods with a unique combination of cosmetic and medical devices as well as preparations and the established synonym for true effectiveness. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and the creation of a truly healthy, beautiful and happy life by offering concrete solutions to concrete problems. This is what our international partners spread through the entire world since more than 30 years - the unique High Care® philosophy. Take a look at the three High Care® branches and find out if you are the right partner for our visionary, life-changing and first of all innovative concepts. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

High Care® Cosmetics

High quality care and effective concepts for face and body: get to know the Weyergans cosmetic treatments.
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High Care® Medical

Medical products with the highest standards and certifications for innovative clinics, professional sports and medical facilities.
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High Care® Fitness

Beauty and health: these are combined in holistic concepts for ensuring more flow in the vessels and tight skin.
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Please stay healthy!


MARCH 2020

Please stay healthy!

Crisis also means opportunity. As a precaution, half of the team at Weyergans High Care® Cosmetics works from home. So the employees are valued and we can maintain the operation for you permanently. We can still be reached by phone (and mail) at the usual times - because we would like to be there for you and show you that we live the often repeated philosophy of the 'Weyergans family' 100%. Always keep in mind: even in the toughest winter, trees never stop growing; they grow underground and form new roots for spring when the sun shines again. As a society, we will master the current situation together if we adhere to the rules of the experts. Maybe slowing down is good for all of us and sharpens our eyes for what is really important in life. Against this background, we primarily wish you health for yourself, your family and friends - for all of us!

Yours, Rudolf Weyergans

News First Bodyguard


MARCH 2020

First Bodyguard

This is what she looks like - the most innovative German cosmetician and physiotherapist at the moment, Michaela Emmrich! Ms. Emmrich decided on purchasing the unique Bodyguard 45 minutes before the official opening of the vernissage. From now on, she will offer her clients beauty&health in a unique combination. The revolutionary process was developed in Germany and is even patented. You are interested? HERE you can learn more about the innovative cosmetic treatment.

News Bodyguard


MARCH 2020

New: The innovative Bodyguard

Today the secret is revealed: Weyergans has another world novelty to marvel at! This device offers protection and care for good figure and health - sustainably and effectively. We are talking about the new treatment method with the innovative Bodyguard which not only looks spectacular, but combines the medical-cosmetic Dermionologie® with the highly intensive red / close-up Infrared light therapy. Would you like to learn more?
Give us a call (0049-2421-96780), or send us an email to export@weyergans.de. We are looking forward to telling you more about the world innvation made by Weyergans.