Welcome at the Weyergans High Care AG

Weyergans is a high care® community of people taking themselves and nature seriously. Thus, high care® represents more than body care. It signifies quality, evidence, responsibility and the latest cosmetic and medical insights. Because this is our origin. Since more than 30 years, we are your specialist of weak connective tissue – especially in the field of anti-cellulite treatments: amongst others represented through the previously patented Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT®).
Headed by company founder Rudolf Weyergans and supported by a great international network of professional partners, we are your best friends and partner. We convey necessary knowledge, safety, a new body feeling and a place of experience exchange. Together, we enter a future full of high care® and each day give you assurance of doing the right thing for your body and mind. We do more than care. We do high care®.

Threefold anniversary at Weyergans

Today, we are celebrating a threefold anniversary at Weyergans High Care AG: Burkhard Schumann, now CEO, started 25 years ago with the company, which at that time consisted of the two companies 'Weyergans Medizintechnik GmbH' and 'High Care Cosmetics GmbH' and was based in Aachen. In addition, Birgit Mahnecke, Export Manager, and Rudolf Rotmann, Development Engineer, are with the company ... more

New: Rosacea Skin Control

When the skin 'turns red' ... it needs a special product line that cares, soothes and conceals: this is what the new care concept High Care® Rosacea stands for! Three medical-cosmetic products that not only remedy the conditions externally, but also have a lasting effect on the inside of the skin against visible changes caused by couperose and rosacea. Unique ingredients such as a high-tech ... more

high care® cosmetics

Experience high care® cosmetics quality and a high dosage of valuable, purely produced active ingredients. Holistic concepts, actively supporting the physiological and biological processes in our body. High care® for whole body and facial treatments - in the fields of anti-aging and anti-cellulite. Do not miss our core competency: the Differentiated Cellulite Treatment (DCT®). Everything combined in the holistic world of Weyergans high care® cosmetics. Read more...

high care® medical

Our medical products are deployed in clinics, rehabilitation clinics and doctor's surgeries from different, medical fields. Mainly doctors and professors with a specialisation in vascular medicine (prevention and acute treatments) as well as orthopaedics profit from our innovative methods and professional kowledge. Read more...

high care® fitness

Our fitness concepts are the perfect basis of a profitable reorientation and optimisation of fitness studios. Our product: VACUFIT® BODY PERFORMER for passive vascular training. It represents passive training with a factor of success and can be combined with all other training offers - no matter if active or passive. For a holistic fitness experience. Read more...
unterdruckwellen-behandlung mit dem vacufit von high care cosmetics

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